Rishabh Singh

Rishabh Singh
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A twist of fate brought Rishabh Singh to Bangalore. When playing a routine game of table tennis, he hurt his hand. Rehabilitation brought him to the Garden City. During his recovery period, Rishabh discovered the strong cricketing culture in the city. Once fit, he stayed back.

Rishabh hails from ‘The city that never sleeps’ – Mumbai. He started playing leather ball cricket at the age of 12 and was a regular amongst the local Mumbai leagues. In a cricket frenzy country like India, the Karnataka State Cricket Association is popular for its supreme infrastructure and Bangalore is the biggest hub of cricket lovers in the state. It did not take long for Rishabh Singh to be lured by the pro-cricket atmosphere in the city and the 24-year-old Mumbai-born lad has stay put in the city for almost three years now.

Now based in Bangalore, he’s been playing first division cricket over the past couple of years. Drafted into the Bijapur Bulls squad, the tall and lanky left-arm spinner is excited about the opportunities on hand. “All my energies are focused on doing well in the KPL”.

Rishabh maintains a rigorous daily routine. “My day starts at 6am, I train for 3 hours, rest in the afternoon briefly and then I am off for training in the evening again and close the day with a round of stretching”.

Support for the near and dear make a big difference in the life of a sportsperson and Rishabh is fortunate on that front. “My family lives in Mumbai but has backed me to the hilt. They want me to focus entirely on my cricket and make it big in the sport,” he said.